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                                          Company Dynamic
                                          Industry information

                                          National Service Hotline:400-032-6667
                                          ADD: No. 3888 Songshan Road, Dongcheng Street, Linqu County, Weifang City, Shandong Province
                                          Tel:+86-536-3668077  3668088
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                                          Country, one aluminum: The spring
                                          The spring . In early 2012 conference on behalf of the company chairman and general manager Qi Enliang issued a mobilization order : month battle to achieve a good start. Sounded the country to implement a comprehensive restructuring of the depth of aluminum , energy saving , cost reduction and increased profits march horn.
                                          A unity of thinking , Ningxinjuli
                                          2012 , the year the country is starting to implement a comprehensive restructuring of the aluminum depth , critical years .
                                          Company to " turn the concept , focus on reform , structural adjustment, and promote development" theme activities as the starting point , further emancipate the mind , changing concepts, consolidate and expand the study and practice the scientific outlook on development outcomes , establish true to do business, to do real business concept , about effectiveness , efficiency, cost- talk , talking management philosophy, the idea of ??the concept of full cost , market operations , risk management concept, the idea of ??survival of the fittest , loss ashamed earnings proud of philosophy, outstanding corporate employees philosophy. The company from top to bottom unity of thinking, together, Ningxinjuli , showing starting a good situation.
                                          Second, one mind striving for excellence
                                          Down with the desire to win. Focus on " economic efficiency, enhance the company's overall profitability and market competitiveness ," the work center , employees of all cadres to carry forward the "special ability to endure hardship , to fight " spirit , showing concerted efforts to tackle tough, brave hard work , dedication good style.
                                          Company first carry out " Innovation and Benefit a feature of the first month to achieve a good start ," team work contest, request the workshop, focusing on full- depth sector restructuring, deepening the management reform and innovation and winning the battle , such as increased profits down the main line of work , adequate embodies team characteristics, professional characteristics , job characteristics. Each workshop closely to create the "Top Ten Star team " to create activities to promote ideas to front-line staff " really do business, to do real business " change. While actively cultivating team characteristics and culture , combined with more than 30 team extracted a large number of their actual characteristics of management philosophy, as a grassroots team to carry out the work of team building ideas pointer . Guide team staff to focus on the refinement with every procedure , every link , every expense , mining processes to maximize the potential for cost and reduce costs .
                                          Secondly , the workshop , and departments to earnestly implement the " talk effectiveness , efficiency, cost talk , talking management " requirements, extensive " to fine management to be effective , the product quality and efficiency , to reduce energy consumption to be effective, the technical innovation to benefit " series of activities in an effort to minimize costs and maximize benefits. Selected to carry out the "top ten energy-saving model" all employees , "Top Ten innovation experts ," " Top Ten Star team ," "Top Ten individuals" "Top Ten Outstanding staff " activities, and "Top Ten rationalization proposals " and " Chuangxiao savings and increased profits drop the "contest , presented the increased profits drop more than 20 recommendations , technical innovations suggested more than 30 , more than 20 energy-saving recommendations . Effectively guide the team to play the talent and pioneering spirit of employees .
                                          Third, the spring remains the same, news of success
                                          Spring still turns warm again , news of success spring. Started a month after the holiday , country, one aluminum oxide material, electrophoresis materials, spray paint production increased by 25% , 38%, 47% ; achieve sales revenue grew by 157% , an increase of 138% profit . Meanwhile, pay close attention to saving energy, water consumption, electricity consumption , gas consumption, coal consumption decreased by 18%, 23% , 21.5% and 26 %. A number of indicators the best in history , the work of reform , development and stability good start , the successful implementation of the first month of the opener.
                                          Results, the combination of the company and all the staff to work harder to tackle tough spirit and sweat , clear out the whole company , " Reengineering new competitive advantages , on the level of scientific development ," the determination and faith. Country, one aluminum and all the staff will always remain dare to struggle, dare to innovate the aggressive , self-improvement, insatiable tenacity , hard work, a difference of energy, with a more firm confidence, more pioneering vision, a more moderate pace company's strategic objectives to achieve scientific development .
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